Sunday, December 14, 2014

Home: Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you, like me, haven't had much time to start decorating your homes for Christmas yet, maybe these lovely ideas will come in handy. I devided them into several trends of this season - the good old (or new) classic, glamorous Christmas, Scandinavian inspirations and Snow White Christmas. Make your pick! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Party Outfit n°2

Today I'm sharing the second of my stylings from Designer Outlet Parndorf a couple of weeks ago. I love choosing an outfit for a Christmas party! It's not practical at all, but it's a lot of fun. You can go crazy with glitter, accessories and everything shiny and Christmas and New Year are probably the only times in year when you can do this without thinking "Oh, that's too much". On Christmas, it's never too much! So here I decided to pair a "bling-bling" Escada skirt with a lovely top with embellished sleeves. But since I normally hate black and feel pretty depressed in all-black outfits, I added a splash of color with a bright orange Tommy Hilfiger coat (it was so warm and soft!).

What do you think?:)

Dnes sa s vami podelím o druhý z mojich stylingov z Designer Outletu Parndorf, kde sme sa s troma ďalšími super blogerkami pred pár týždňami hrali na šikovné stylistky :) Vyberanie outfitov na vianočné večierky úplne zbožňujem, a to z jediného dôvodu. Zatiaľ čo po zvyšok roka sa musíme pri vybraní "bling-bling" vecí skôr krotiť, na Vianoce a Silvester nič také neplatí! Môžete sa do sýtosti vyšantiť s flitrami, kamienkami, trblietkami a nášivkami - všetkým, čo vás na sviatky rozveselí. V tomto outfite som sa rozhodla skombinovať čiernu flitrovanú sukňu Escada s čiernym topom s krásnymi aplikáciami na rukávoch. Keďže však čisto čierne outfity nie sú veľmi pre mňa, musela som aj tento doplniť niečím veselým a farebným. Zachránil ma úžasný oranžový kabát Tomy Hilfiger (bol neskutočne teplý a mäkký!). 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Home: Christmas Mood (+ another Giveaway!)

I hate winter, but this time of year, when I'm looking forward to Christmas like a baby is always keeping my spirits high. The dull November is behind us, and the short and cold days can be made so much brighter by lighting up all the candles, Christmas lights and putting the carols on. Every day after work we can just cosy up by the fire (if you have a fireplace, which I don't but always imagine it), put on a Home Alone soundtrack, drink a cup of sweet mulled wine and stay warm in a lovely tartan blanket. Not to mention the wonderful smells in the kitchen when you finally organize yourself to bake some gingerbread, vanilla rolls or anything sweet and festive for Chritmas. Christmas time is truly magical.

This year I have a little suprise for you to make your Christmas baking and cooking even nicer. One of my readers can win a lovely set of red polka-dot apron and baking glove by F&F Home. All you have to do, is:

1. Like my page on Facebook
2. Write a comment here or on Facebook, explaining what you like to bake on Christmas :)

Giveaway ends on Friday 12th December at midnight! I'm sorry to my friends from abroad, but this one is only for Slovak and Czech republic.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Discovering Christmas in Parndorf, Austria + Christmas Givaway

Last week I went on a very nice trip. I got invited to take part in some Christmas shopping in the Designer Outlet Parndorf in Austria with three other Slovak bloggers. All of them were young and beautiful and for the most part I felt like a Christmas elf next to them, but it was really fun. If you're interested in what these blogger's collaborations look like, here's a little report.

We met in the morning in another shopping center in Bratislava, where I recognized other bloggers instantly, since it's that common when two pretty girls in high heels and cool outfits stand aimlessly by the entrance :) I was there, too, of course, although in flat boots, because I definitely wouldn't survive a few hours of shopping in and outdoor outlet in fancy heels. The lovely organisers got in a car and drove us to Parndorf shopping village, which looked pretty much like Christmas wonderland. We searched and searched until each of us found two perfect Christmas party outfits that might be a nice inspiration for you :) Each of us also created a set of presents for our loved ones and put them in the lovely gift ideas.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Festivities

This week I couldn't shake the feeling that Christmas is really near. It might have something to do with me drinking a raspberry punch (yum!) in a cafe in Bratislava and stopping by the Christmas markets... Anyway, since holidays are really coming, so are the Christmas parties and we must prepare! So here are some ideas from me. You'll see more Christmas-y outfits from me soon, so stay tuned and find out more :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Purple Shorts

It's been some time since I was blogging regularly and more often and I'm really sorry. The past few weeks have been so busy that I've begun to cherish every free moment I have and as soon as I have enough time to write something for you, here I am. This is another long overdue post from London which has been waiting in my folder to finally be published. The colorful autumn was beginning and I persuaded Peter to take some pictures with me outside.

The days have gone shorter and the weather much cooler since these October days in the photos. At 5 PM I already feel ready to go to bed, does that happen to you, too? Every year when the days become so short I struggle to get used to it, and I'm still struggling when the dark goes away in the beginning of spring :) I wanted to post this outfit by a way of inspiration for your autumn/winter looks as well. The season of trousers has began and all I see on the streets these days are boring jeans, sweaters and fluffy jackets. The cold weather doesn't mean you have to give up any style, though. There are many options to try, even in snow. Warm tweed shorts are one of them. They're interesting, elegant, more comfortable than a skirt and more original than jeans. You can wear them in a million different ways, either with a sweatshirt and sneakers or with a blouse and a blazer to work, it is entirely up to you. I found these purple shorts a long time ago in H&M and they are one of my favorite autumn/winter pieces. They pop up in any outfit and the color is just so pretty. This time I paired them with a black-and-white blouse, simple black jacket and gold accessories.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Home: Candles

This time 25 years ago candles played a big part in our history. Students and artists from then Czechoslovakia marched onto the streets with candles and their lives in their hands. Thanks to their bravery I'm writing these lines to you right now as a free person. Had it not been for them, we might have still lived in a totalitarian regime and I'd probably be in prison by now, because I could never keep my mouth shut :)
In memory of the Velvet Revolution I decided to dedicate this week's Home post to freedom. Freedom of speech, of studying, traveling, working and living. Candles have become a symbol of freedom and life and in this part of year they're also very practical - they can keep us warmer and show us the way in the dark. Please light a candle with me for everyone who has ever fought for their freedom and for everyone that's doing it today anywhere in the world.

Pred 25 rokmi v tomto čase hrali sviečku veľmi dôležitú úlohu v našej histórii. Študenti a umelci vtedajšieho Československa vyšli do ulíc so sviečkami a vlastnými životmi vo svojich rukách. Práve vďaka ich odvahe vám dnes môžem písať tieto riadky ako slobodný človek v slobodnej krajine. Nebyť ich, možno by sme sa stále trápili v totalitnom režime a ja by som už dávno pravdepodobne skončila vo väzení, keďže som akosi nikdy nedokázala byť ticho :)
Tento post som sa rozhodla venovať slobode v spomienke na našu Nežnú revolúciu. Slobode slova, štúdia, cestovania, podnikania a životu podľa našich predstáv. Sviečky sa stali symbolom slobody a života, a okrem toho sú v tomto ročnom období i celkom praktické - dokážu nás zahriať a v tme nás naviesť na správnu cestu. Prosím, zapáľte si so mnou sviečku v spomienke na všetkých, ktorí niekedy bojovali za svoju slobodu a na všetkých, ktorí o ňu stále bojujú v ktoromkoľvek kúte sveta.