Friday, January 23, 2015

Norwegians bringing attention to the Unfair Garment Industry

Do you ever think about where your clothes come from? When you buy a pretty sweater or a dress, do you give a second thought to the people who made it for you?

I know more than well that it's an uneasy thought, believe me. When your budget is limited, but you love fashion and nice things, you are practically forced to shop at affordable fashion chains like Primark, H&M or New Look. We know we shouldn't support this cruel industry, but we can't help ourselves. In the ideal world we would only buy environment and people-friendly garments, but what about young people, students or those of us who can't afford them?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Village Life

Life in a village is so strange. In some things it's the same as life anywhere - Bratislava, Prague or New York City, but in others it's a completely different world. Time flows slower in the village somehow. People have their troubles and live their lives as anyone else, but even these troubles seem to be different than the troubles of people from the city. There are characteristics of city and village life that even children in elementary schools learn. But what I learned throughout my life so far, in all my 25 years, is that people in the village CARE about everything and everyone much more. My grandma and my godparents' family live in a small village in Eastern Slovakia and I've spent a big part of life there. It's one of my favorite places in the world and I still consider it my second home even though I've never actually lived there. But every time I visit, I hear a learn a little more about their lives.

In some instances, the caring is not that great - like when every person in the village knows about your new boyfriend or looks at you weirdly when you're wearing more than 2 colours. Other times it's funny. I can't help but be amused when my grandma or her neighbours care so much about every single thing happening in the village. Who went where, who did what, what "people" would think. It used to make me angry, now I'm just amused and somehow...don't really care.
However, my hometown is practically a big village itself, so I got quite a lot of weird stares when I was wearing this skirt. The shopkeeper in my grandma's village probably even told her family about my extravagant looks when she came home from work, but people in my town weren't far behind. Fortunatelly, I think these looks were more positively shocked then otherwise :) A guy in another shop even told me he loved my skirt, which really doesn't happen here a lot (especially if your skirt goes way under your knees).

So, here it is. A beautiful piece from Chicwish that found its way into my wardrobe and I hope it'll be with me for a looong time. I've always dreamed of a big tutu skirt like this, but the good ones were mostly too expensive, so it took some time for me to find the more affordable and cute one. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Moving on

For the past 7 months of my life I've been going through many changes and challenges. I dreamed, I did things, I failed, I got up again, I loved and laughed and cried and I've learned. A lot. You can go to school for as many years as you want, but no degree will ever prepare you for a normal life completely. There will always be times when you'll be left to figure it out on your own. And you will. And life will go on.

All my life I've dreamed about living abroad, preferably in a big exciting city full of life - first it was New York, then London. When I was finishing school, Peter and I decided to give it a go and try our luck in UK. We expected all sorts of problems and complications, and unfortunately, most of them really came. We loved the city and we still do, but we had to give up this time and come back home for now. We've put our London dream into a drawer and we'll take it out again when the right time comes. In the meantime we decided to focus on a plan B and that is moving out from our parents' and into our own place in Bratislava. It's still a challenge, but we finally managed to complete the most important part - find a flat. Now we have found it it's only a matter of time till we're settled down completely in our own new little home :)

What can I tell you? I can't wait. I don't know, if you feel the same, because I know for a fact that some of my friends don't (I think they're weird), but I really look forward to moving out of my parents's house. Although it's big, nice and comfortable, I'm willing to give all this up for my own personal freedom and a chance to live the life I've always wanted. Now I'm decorating my own furniture and walls, thinking what I'd like to change, thinking about colours I'm going to use in every room, making compromises with my boyfriend - you know the kind - he wants everything black and sleek, I like vintage and cute :)

It's going to be fun. And you're going to be a part of it, if you want. I'll take you on this lovely journey with me, you will be able to join me in every room step by step as I'm going to put my touch on our new home. I hope you'll enjoy it. See ya!

Now here's a little inspiration for us all:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ples v opere 2015: najlepšie & najhoršie

Zdá sa, že Ples v opere sa každým rokom stáva väčšou a prestížnejšou prehliadkou slovenskej módy a neoficiálnou anketou popularity domácich návrhárov. Bude mať tento rok najviac modelov na plese Mikloško? Pištejová? Hanečka? Převrátilová? (tento ročník by zrejme víťaztvo patrilo Jane Pištejovej, ktorá svoju obľúbenosť medzi slovenskou smotánkou dokázala množstvom plesových rób, od svojej vlastnej, cez moderátorky, až po menej známe dámy) Móda je boj, ale najmä zábava, a preto prosím moje hodnotenie berte všetci s nadhľadom. Nikto nie je dokonalý, a tak i 15. ročník Plesu v opere priniesol to najlepšie i najhoršie z módy a vkusu. Ja vám prinášam svoju analýzu veľkolepých rób sobotňajšieho večera.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holidays are Over, Sequins Live Forever

I hate January 6th. All my life this date has represented the end of Christmas holidays and of Christmas itself to me. And I hate when that happens. It's so sad. You're looking forward to these beautiful days all year and then they are suddenly over so quickly. And according to my family and to Slovak traditions, Christmas really ends on January 6th, on Three Kings day. The Christmas tree goes down, the decorations go back into the box, people go back to work, children go back to school. It's very depressing.

Me, I have to go back to work, too. I can't hide for much longer. No more days spent in my reindeer pyjamas, no more sleep-ins, no more late nights out with friends in the middle of the week. However, life can't be this glum so soon in the new year, right? New year is a promise of new beginnings, fresh adventures and exciting moments. So I decided to focus on the good parts of my work instead. I don't have the worst job in the world after all. Being a journalist has its perks sometimes.

So this week I decided to prolong my "bling-bling" period by a few extra days. The ball season in Slovakia is starting this weekend with the annual Opera Ball and I'm going to report from it for the 4th time this year. Although I'm not as excited as I was the first time (I know what to expect now and there will be no dancing, that's for sure) I am still happy to dress up and play a little Cinderella for the night. Even if it is just for myself. Etiquette at these events is unforgiving, so I have a perfect excuse to play up my childhood princess fantasies for a little bit. I don't have a new dress this year (still waiting for my Elie Saab gown to be delivered, though), so I decided to upgrade an older one.

I went to shops and found my perfect piece in H&M. You can always count on H&M to have something beautiful and totally impractical for normal life. And that's exactly what I needed now. So I got a lovely embellished crop top in nude colours that will go perfectly with my baby pink dress. And when I was at it, I also bought some pretty necklaces (they always come in handy, right?) and the silver loafers from F&F, which will probably become one of my favourite wardrobe additions for this spring.

If you had to go back to work or school this week as well, don't worry. Surround yourself with something nice, warm and pretty and spend as much time as you can with your favourite people and you'll feel like Christmas never really ended :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Home: Happy and Creative New Year

New Year. New ideas. New projects. With every beginning there is suddenly so much space for new, fresh ideas, plans and projects. It would be a pity not to use it, right? The weather is cold, it is dark too early and it's pretty difficult to find things to do every day until it's time to go to sleep. If you're running short on good books that you got for Christmas and need something to do for these boring winter months, maybe it's time to refresh your home.

There are so many things you can change, update or redesign in your house or apartment, starting in the kitchen and ending in the bedroom. Sometimes changing the sheets or cushions can be enough to make you feel new and different, other times it wants a bit more. How about painting your door, changing the decorations in the living room, hanging out new shelves or redesigning the bathroom? There are no bounds to the imagination and you can let yours run wild, too.

If you need a start-of-the-year cheer-up, try painting your bath or kitchen cabinets a happy bright color - yellow, blue or green. A project like this gives you more energy and endorphines than a big chocolate and a glass of wine combined :) If you still have some free walls in your home, there are also a million things you can do with them. You can go crazy with a beautiful wallpaper, paint it a lovely popping color and add some character to the room, or add some creative shells, photo frames or pictures to the blank space.

Maybe there's some old furniture in your backyard that you have no idea what to do with. Well, if it's the right piece, you might find yourself in the middle of a one-of-a-kind DIY project that will be the envy of all your friends. How about cutting the old bathtub in half, painting it blue or pink and adding some cushions to create a brand new impossibly cool sofa? If I had one somewhere in my garden right now, I'd be already holding a saw in my hands :)

New Year is a perfect time for new beginnings and fresh ideas. Let your imagination run freely and give your home a breath of fresh air, too.

PS: Tell me what your first plans for 2015 are guys!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

A year ago I remember thinking about the year that lay ahead of me. I knew it would be important, different and that I would remember 2014 for the rest of my life. And so it was. It wasn't one of those years that get lost in your memory and when you think back, you go "Oh, was it 2014 or 2016?". Oh no. I will know exactly what happened in 2014, although strangely the calendar doesn't work with my life very well because I feel like this year should not end just yet.

2014 started my biggest transition in life - from a kid and a student to a real adult person (sounds boring, but it's been pretty stressful.). And so was this year. Full of stressful moments, important decisions, but also amazing experiences. I have strictly decided to follow all my dreams, beginning with finishing university and moving to London, my dream city. Then I realised that following your made-up dreams at any cost might not always be a good idea, especially when you're just starting out and there is so much pressure on your shoulders to succeed. Anyway, instead of being miserable in the great city Peter and I decided to come back and be happy together in Bratislava instead. I was sure that I'd be living with my lovely boyfriend away from our parents by now, too, but it also turned out that the logistics of life are sometimes more complicated than our ideas of how it should be.
So here is what happened this year for me:

- I wrote a thesis about gender stereotypes and every time I see a billboard with a naked woman promoting bricks or something it really winds me up now :)
- I got a Master's degree in Journalism, yay!
- I worked on some wonderful stories throughout the year, with amazing journalists and by myself. I learned a lot. I worked a lot. I love my work. A lot.
- I continue learning that it's not really about where you are at any given moment in your live, it's who you are with that counts
- I moved to beautiful, exciting, inspiring London
- I came back a month later, but it is still on my "to do list", one day
- I've learned the perils of looking for a flat in a city. It was impossible in London, it is nearly equally tiring in Bratislava and I can't wait to be finally physically moving my things somewhere and creating my new home :) You'll definitely be a part of it my friends!

So, here's my 2014 in pictures :)